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Is using Shopify as a POS system for your business online in Australia a good Idea – The 3 Facts about Shopify POS

Since Shopify is the most popular name in the world of ecommerce, it makes perfect sense that it is your first choice for a POS or ecommerce platform for your online business. However, just like any other system out there this one also has some pros and cons, and that is what we are going to be checking out in today’s article. If you want to learn more about some of the pros and cons of the Shopify POS system for your business online in Australia, then make sure you keep reading.

It can get quite expensive

The first thing that we are going to start off is actually one of the downsides and that is because this downside is one that can really make your decision for you. Every business owner should have a budget and if the platform crosses that budget from the start, then you are probably better off going for something else. The problem with Shopify is the fact that there are a lot of costs that aren’t really clear from the beginning and that can really affect the price that you are going to have to pay in the end. So, try to figure out what you will to have to pay for exactly, and if even the beginners price is cutting it close for your budget then it is probably best to move on to another POS altogether.

You can only use Shopify payments

This is a thing that a lot of people won’t mind, but it is also a factor that may be deciding for a lot of business owners. When you use the Shopify POS system for your online business in Australia you can only use Shopify Payments, the brand’s own payment processor, in order to process payments. If this is something that you are not prepared to deal with, then you may want to look for another POS, but if you are ok with it you can be sure that the payment processor will work beautifully.

It works on all kinds of software

A lot of people don’t like certain platforms because it makes them switch from a software that they already know and love, however that is not the case with Shopify. The PSO works with Android and iOS which means that you can keep whichever device you already have and cut down on any extra, unnecessary costs.

When you take the pros and cons of the Shopify POS for your business online you can see that there are some downsides, but in our opinion those are the kinds of downsides that will make the decision for you instead of making it more difficult. If you think that you can deal with them, then make sure to check Shopify out because it really is an amazing system that we believe will really help you out with your business in Australia.

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